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Ardy Lightfoot is a platformer from ASCII Corporation exclusive to the Super Nintendo/Famicom. It was published in the US and Europe by Titus Interactive in 1994. The game is a traditional 2D platformer, though it has its share of puzzles and physics-enabled platforming, such as building up speed by running down slopes to make longer jumps.


The Sacred Rainbow that protects the land has been broken into seven crystal pieces and it's up to the zippy feline hero Ardy Lightfoot (and his companion Pec) to quickly recover all seven crystals in order to prevent the villain Visconti from using them to grant his evil wishes. Ardy meets many friends and foes on his travels, and will often fight the henchmen of Visconti while recovering the crystals.


As a platformer, the player controls Ardy on a 2D stage and can jump and attack either with Pec or can bounce one enemies heads with his tail. In some situations, Pec can also be used to destroy blocks or as a jetpack to fly through areas of a level depending on the color.

Stars can be collected in the game and with some automatically give 10 stars. If the player collects 100 stars, an extra life is granted.

There are 10 levels on total with a steep difficulty on the level design itself.


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