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Aretha II: Ariel no Fushigi na Tabi ("Aretha II: Ariel's Mysterious Journey") is a role-playing game developed by Japan Art Media and published by Yanoman Corporation for the Super Famicom platform. It is the sequel to the first Super Famicom Aretha. Ariel is once again called into action to save her friends Kyle and Doll (Dole) from peril.

The game has a novel equipment creation system that uses the colored souls of enemies to craft new gear depending on the configuration of colors the player uses. The player's party is dictated by the player's place in the story with characters joining and leaving at various points, similar to Final Fantasy IV. The eponymous heroine is the only constant.

The game should not be confused with Aretha II for the Game Boy. The original three Game Boy Aretha games were released several years earlier and have a separate arching storyline, following the adventures of the eponymous princess Aretha.

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