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    The Arilou are an alien race from the Star Control series. Their formal name are the Arilou Lalee'lay.

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    An ancient, enigmatic species with mysterious goals and motivations from the planet  Falayalaralfali located in QuasiSpace, the Arilou have been interfering with human life for thousands of years. They claim to have done this to protect humanity from powerful extradimensional parasites, which the Arilou refuse to name. Despite their secretive nature, it can be safely assumed that they are ultimately benign and genuinely want to help humanity, which they seem to have some kind of connection to.
    The Arilou first revealed themselves to the rest of the galaxy during the first Ur-Quan Slave War, immediately joining the Alliance of Free Stars. After humanity was slave-shielded, the Arilou left, apparently satisfied with the fact that humanity was safe from other races under the shield. However, The Captain can find the Arilou while travelling through QuasiSpace, and they will share as much information as they can as well as offer a custom Portal spawner device, which allows for much faster travel.
    They are enemies with the Orz, as the Arilou claim them to be dangerous and untrustworthy. However, they are friendly with the Umgah, whom they visit regularly.


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