Arisa Sagara

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    Oldest daughter of the Sagara Family. Soft-spoken and mild-mannered, but rather clumsy.

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    Arisa is motherly like her mother Maria. She works as a nurse at a nearby kindergarten as she loves children, though the children somewhat bullies her. Arisa faces harassment from the director of the kindergarten but she is afraid of speaking out against him for fear of losing her job.

    Arisa is closest to her sister Sanae though they are polar opposites in terms of personality. Arisa is later revealed to be rather submissive and she screams very loudly.

    On Arisa's path, Sanae reports that her expensive lingerie was stolen. Sanae immediately blames Yusuke but Arisa reveals to Sanae that the true culprit was Ruruka.

    Also, based on the player's choice, either Yusuke alone or Yusuke and Sanae will confront the director of the kindergarten and solve Arisa's problem.

    Maria will approve of Yusuke and Arisa's marriage, and Maria advises Yusuke to have a family quickly so that Arisa can channel her energy towards raising children.


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