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    The Arisen is the fully customizable protagonist of Dragon's Dogma and is chosen by the Dragon when it removes his/her heart. The Default Arisen is a Male Strider named Glen.

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    A silent protagonist, the Arisen is the hero (or heroine) of the story in the Capcom Action-RPG Dragon's Dogma. An orphan with an unclear past, the Arisen was raised in the fishing village of Cassardis on the southern shores of the duchy of Gransys. A one time fist fighter/adventurer now turned fisherman and village Chief named Adaro has raised and cared for the Arisen for many years since he was found outside the village walls. It was from Adaro the Arisen learned his basic fighting skills and moral values.

    Growing up, the Arisen's best friends were Quina and Valmiro. While Valmiro is quite the inquisitive sort, and it might be said he helped influence the Arisen adventurous nature, it was always Quina who got the Arisen into the most trouble. As a young girl she would constantly be picked on and treated badly by the other village children and the Arisen was always on hand to make the instigators regret their choice. As a result, Quina is devoted completely to the Arisen and has very strong feelings for him.

    Set to live a peaceful existence as a fisherman, the Arisen's life was irrevocably changed with the arrival of the Dragon. The Arisen saw the massive behemoth laying waste to the village and killing everyone in sight. Knowing someone had to stop it, he grabbed the sword of a fallen soldier and charged forward. Despite his best effort, the Arisen was unable to do any more damage than a gnat would to a human. The Dragon swatted the Arisen aside, but then hesitated with the kill. Seeing a hidden potential, the Dragon then stole and ate the heart of the Arisen, forming a sort of pact between the two. After awakening from a deep sleep, the Arisen found he could now understand and speak with the Dragon. Directly challenged by the Dragon, the Arisen was told to take up arms and seek his foe out.

    So the Arisen's true adventure began: The quest to hunt down the Dragon and reclaim his heart, all while learning the mysteries of the world and why the Dragon has returned.


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