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    Ark Thompson

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    Ark Thompson is the protagonist of Resident Evil: Survivor.

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    Ark Thompson is a detective sent to Sheena Island by order of U.S. Government Special Agent Leon S. Kennedy. While on the island he impersonates Umbrella executive Vincent Goldman. As Goldman does not travel among the people of Sheena Island this works out very well (at first). Unfortunately while trying to escape with evidence he is attacked by Goldman. The helicopter that he is on crashes and he suffers from amnesia. Ark travels the island and comes across several people that identify him as Vincent Goldman, the man responsible for releasing the T-Virus on Sheena Island. He then comes across a figure (Goldman) who is clutching Ark's dogtags (thus cementing in Ark's mind that he is truly the evil man who wreaked Sheena Island).

    Lott Klien, a young boy that lives on the island, reveals to Ark that he is not really Vincent Goldman, but Ark Thomas. He only led him to believe this as he was taught that Umbrella was good. It was only after Ark protected Lott and his younger sister from the dangers of the island that he revealed the truth. Vincent is killed by a Tyrant he released to kill Art and the Kliens but he manages to defeat the beast and escape the island with the kids.


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