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Arkadij 'Boris' Jegorov is a sixty-six year old ex-gun runner, born in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan. Living under an oppressive communist regime, he developed a loathing for the Soviets. His hatred turned him to committing crimes against the Soviets. He stole and sold Soviet weaponry to the Cossack nationalists, in an attempt to earn money and drive the Soviet Union from his home nation.  His own father reported his son's activities to the police. Arkadij hid in the mountains surrounding Kazakhstan to elude the police, before making his way to Marseille. He joined the French Foreign Legion in 1950, and by 1955 had established a route for smuggling weapons through Turkey and Iran.  
At a time, Jegorov's operations spanned much, if not all, of the world. During the 1980s he agreed to work with the Russian Mafia, providing weapons and other illicit services. Boris became more and more dangerous, and it eventually culminated in an attempt to purchase a nuclear device in Rotterdam. His plan failed, and the cargo ship the dealing occurred upon was soon surrounded by the Dutch police and military forces. Arkadij knew he had been rumbled, and threatened to detonate the device, killing everyone, including himself, unless he was provided with a free pass from the country via helicopter. While he attempts to negotiate this, Agent 47 is able to infiltrate the area, killing his way to the cargo ship, before ending Arkadij's life himself.  
Jegorov was one of the 'founding fathers' of Agent 47, providing some of his DNA to ensure a perfect clone soldier. 

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