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    Main character from Age of Mythology and its expansion. Atlantean Admiral, and eventually god

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    Arkantos lives on the island of Atlantea, just off the Strait of Gibraltar in Age of Mythology. He has been defending Atlantis since the age of 14. He has a son named Kastor by an unnamed wife who was taken by pirates before the story began. The loss of his wife ignited a hatred for the thieving sailors.

    Events of Age of Mythology.

    Years after he lost his wife, while his son is still a boy. a group of pirates raid Atlantis and steal the Trident from the statue of Poseidon. Arkantos follows them to their base, retakes it, and returns. Not long after he is called to help the Greeks in Troy. After many battles, the Atlanteans leave the city victorious and while stopping at a Greek port for supplies they find an old enemy. Arkantos discovers that Kamos, the minotaur pirate who stole the trident is in league with a vicious cyclops named Gargarensis. They have raided the city and taken the townspeople prisoner.

    The Enemy's true purpose.

    Arkantos follows Gargarensis and discovers the captive townspeople helping to unearth a massive gate to the underworld. Before he can be stopped, the pirates break through and find a Tartaran gate. These gates hold back Kronos, the titan, who fathered Zeus and the other Gods (And promptly tried to eat them). If freed Kronos will bring down the gods who defeated him and take over the world. Posideon also aids Gargarensis in his quest and promises to make him immortal. The cyclops and his henchmen attempt to ram the gate to break it open. Arkantos defeats them but is cut off from the surface and must go through another portal leading to Egypt in pursuit of the pirate leader.

    Another Gate to Tartarus.

    Arkantos continues to follow Gargarensis with aid of his friend Ajax and Chiron, a centaur. In Egypt they meet Amanra, a Egyptian warrior princess who joins them after the heroes help settle a local conflict that turns out to be a distraction set by their original opponent. A second gate is found beneath a pyramid and the Atlanteans must bring the God Osiris back to life in order to stop Gargarensis. They do so but, Gargarensis escapes yet again. Athena reveals to Arkantos that there exists a third gate in the far north of the world, referred to simply as the Norse Lands. The heroes and their soldiers continue their pursuit.

    A swine diversion.

    Following their enemy north, Arkantos sights the wreck of Odysseus' ship, it having been caught on an island on the way back from troy. Upon landing, Arkantos is transformed into a pig by the evil witch circe and it is revealed that Odysseus and his men met a similar fate. Arkantos fights to free them before continuing on his journey.

    Hero of the North.

    Arriving in the North and after nearly freezing to death, Arkantos receives aid from the local Norse people. He unites them and saves them from a scourge of Gargarenisis' Giants. A third portal is found in the underworld and Arkantos must put Thor's hammer back together. Arkantos soon discovers that the norse gate was just a distraction...

    The Sinking of Atlantis.

    Gargarensis has gone to Atlantis and taken it over in order to gain access to the final gate. Poseidon brings a statue of himself to life. It is immortal and cannot be defeated by any human. The gods turn Arkantos into an invincible Demi-God allowing him to defeat the statue and Gargarensis. However the chaos caused by the battle and the wrath of the sea god, cause Atlantis to undergo a series of violent earthquakes. It then sinks beneath the waves. Ajax, Kastor, and Amanra escape but Arkantos is left behind, believed dead on the shore having lost all of his powers. Athena arrives and brings him to Olympus where he becomes a full fledged god.

    Events of Age of Mythology: The Titans.

    Arkantos makes a few small appearances in the Titan expansion as a God, advising his son Kastor.


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