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    Arm Wrestling

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released May 1985

    An arcade game released by Nintendo in 1985, Arm Wrestling is similar to Nintendo's more famous Punch-Out!! games in that it pits the player against a series of cartoonish opponents.

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    Arm Wrestling is a Nintendo-developed arcade game from 1985. Much like the Japanese company's more famous arcade and console series Punch-Out, Arm Wrestling involves players going up against various contenders in arm wrestling matches, with the opponents being various cartoony caricatures. There are a total of five opponents to fight and the game also includes low quality sound files that play during certain phases of the gameplay.


    Arm Wresting's gameplay mostly involves holding the joystick to the left and continuously hitting the main button in order to apply more power. However, sometimes the opponents attempt to counterattack, which results in on-screen joystick direction prompts suddenly appearing; following the directions allows the player to thwart those efforts. The player can then try to press the main button several times in quick succession to apply more punishment to the opponent. The game keeps score in terms of dollars and the amount distributed is relative to how well the player performs in each match.


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