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ARMA II - A Crazy Girlfriend 0

Developer – Bohemia Interactive Publisher – 505 Games Platforms – PC Release – 19/06/09 Anyone who is used to the conventions of other FPS games, its recommended that you leave your normal playing style at the door. This is because you are entering the world of the Milsim. ARMA 2 is the latest version of a game idea stretching back to 2002. Operation Flashpoint was released by Codemasters and developed by Bohemia Interactive (a company who also makes games used to train soldiers in both the UK ...

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A great game let down by a lot of issues. 0

ArmA 2 is basically Operation: Flashpoint. Same developers, same gameplay, same everything. If you've played OP:F then you'll know what to expect. This game is probably the most mixed bag of good and bad you'll ever find. For ever great part, there will be one terrible.The game has a single player story which is also fully co-op for up to 4 players, single level scenarios, a hefty Boot Camp, online multiplayer and an editor. Not bad. One thing this game doesn't lack is content.I start off with B...

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ArmA 2 - Lumbering Sandbox 0

Arma 2 is a game that makes no apologies, even when it should. The game takes place in a massive world with virtually no borders where the player can use a variety of authentically modeled pieces of military hardware to accomplish any number of different objectives. Make no mistake, ArmA 2 is the Microsoft Flight Simulator of infantry combat, and comparing it to Call of Duty is like comparing Hearts of Iron to Risk. However, in its current state, it is hard to recommend to even the most hardened...

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A broken promise 0

Let me tell you a little story. Trust me, it is relevant.I was somewhat late to the party when I discovered Operation Flashpoint on PC. There was something magical about that game. In it, I crawled on my belly for an hour in some small village trying to maneuver around a sudden enemy APC, and I eventually set a charge on it and managed to blow it up. I never experienced such freedom, such risk, such danger and such dynamic combat in a game before. The problem was that by that time the graphics w...

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