Have a grown soft - Operation Flashpoint player.

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So I loved the heck out of Operation Flashpoint back in the day, it was like nothing I'd ever played before and I loved it's odd complexities and mechanics greatly. Yet I'll admit I haven't touched the Arma series a great deal since, even though I've bought both one and two. I decided to jump deep into Arma 3 to retry and capture that experience again and I have to admit I'm finding it tough. Yes I've most probably grown soft on the likes of most modern shooters but as someone who played Operation Flashpoint I went in knowing what to expect. But I've been surprised by how difficult I'm finding it to adjust to the infantry mechanics alone. So many times already I've been prone one second to suddenly die the next. I know a lot of this comes from practice but boy, Arma 3 does a poor as hell job of introducing mechanics to you. In a way that's part of it's charm, I fondly remember having to sort of come up with my own plans in missions for Operation Flashpoint and back then I thought how awesome that was. But I worry, now I feel the need to be directed and told how to approach situations and that saddens me because I want the exact opposite of that, exactly what Arma 3 offers. Trouble is, I'm just not having that much fun with it so far. I primarily play single player, if Operation Flashpoint is anything to go by I will just be cursed by at more experienced players because I'm not playing efficiently.

Anyhow, I'd appreciate some tips for someone returning to the franchise after all these years. There are certain aspects to the game that I feel disconnected from and learning the controls will take a while longer I suspect.

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@machofantastico: Hey, if you still play, or are interested in getting back into the game, I'm starting up a community that can help you get into the roll of things. We also fix the broken AI that probably lead to your frustrations early on.

Add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ajarmahead/

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