Play co-op with other Giant Bombers this Saturday @ 4 PM EST

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This Saturday, August 31 at 4 PM EST, it'll be time to celebrate this week's ARMA 3 development build update with a little co-op gaming event! Make sure to prepare your PC by downloading and installing the development build by doing the following:

1. Right-click "Arma 3 Beta" in your Steam Library and select "Properties.

2. Click the "Betas" tab. Under the "Select the beta..." dropdown, select "development - Development Build".

3. Ignore the "Enter beta access code..." field and click the "Close" button. The development build of the game should start downloading after a few moments.

And that's not all - it's highly recommended that you find yourself a mic and join a dozen of us in voice chat on our Mumble server at port 64738. The Mumble software is freeware and available for download at . People are actually on that server practically 24/7 in case you just want to hang out, too.

Note: I'll post an update as soon as server hosting details are available, so stay tuned for that.

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I dont want to die.

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Is it cool if I'm a super high ping Australian?

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Looking forward to it :)

@doobish said:

Is it cool if I'm a super high ping Australian?

Arma 3 is pretty good dealing with high ping so, yes, absolutely.

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I haven't played some Arma 3 with the PC Gaming Hub in a while. I should try to get on during this.

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ARMA 3 in less than three hours! It looks like we'll be exploring the island of Altis in an insurgency campaign (check out a video of it at ). My framerate was pretty rough, but I imagine that a good part of that was because I was testing locally and doing the hosting myself.

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