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    Armor King

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    Armor King (I) is a luchador who entered the first King of Iron Fist Tournament. He was killed by Craig Marduk prior to the fourth tournament. His younger brother, Armor King (II), took up the mantle and title and now seeks revenge.

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    The original Armor King was a famous luchador in Mexico known for his black jaguar mask. While on an excursion, Armor King found a luchador similar to himself known simply as King. In a match between the two, King accidentally crushed Armor King's eye, which left him permanently injured. Although his face is hidden, Armor King reflects this injury on his mask as it has two differently colored eyes.

    Armor King and King both entered the first King of Iron Fist tournament (Tekken). King was able to defeat Armor King once again, this time eliminating him from the tournament. King went on to finish in third place. Following the tournament, the two luchadors became close friends.

    Having failed to win the tournament's prize money, King's orphanage suffered. After a child died in the orphanage, King began to drink heavily. Armor King tracked him down and helped his friend train for the second tournament (Tekken 2), which they both entered. Unfortunately, both were unsuccessful again.

    Many years passed before there would be another tournament. Prior to the third tournament (Tekken 3), Ogre travelled the world attacking previous tournament fighters, which included killing King. Armor King became depressed after the death of his partner, which was exacerbated by the fact that he had developed a heart condition that prevented him from fighting anymore. Luckily, Armor King discovered that a child from King's orphanage was now grown up and had decided to continue King's legacy. Armor King trained this new King for the third tournament, but he did not win.

    After the third tournament, Armor King retired in Arizona. It was here that he ran into Craig Marduk in a bar. After some heated words, a bar fight broke out and Marduk ended up killing Armor King.

    Other Appearances

    The original Armor King's only canonical playable appearances are in Tekken and Tekken 2. He is playable in Tekken Tag Tournament, but this game is not part of the proper timeline.

    Armor King appears and/or is referenced in Tekken 3, Tekken 4, and Tekken 5/DR as part of King II's and Craig Marduk's storylines.

    Armor King also makes appearances in two crossover titles with Namco x Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken.


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