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There are two Armor Kings in the Tekken storyline. The first Armor King has appeared in the games Tekken, Tekken 2, and Tekken Tag Tournament. In first two Tekken games he shared friendly rivalry with King. He is also part of Mexican tribe which wear jaguar masks (similar to King). He was killed by Craig Marduk before Tekken 4 occured.

The second Armor King first appears in Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection to both King and Marduk's surprise. At first fans speculated that Armor King has not died in Tekken 4 and seeks revenge. But it was revealed in Armor King's Tekken 6 ending that he is the younger brother of the first Armor King. It is also implied that both Armor Kings were a wrestling tag team using the same outfit and name.


Armor King teaming with Jaycee vs King and Marduk
Armor King teaming with Jaycee vs King and Marduk
  • Armor King does not speak, instead he growls like a jaguar.
  • Armor King's throws are Pro Wrestling moves. Famous moves from WWE like Crippler Crossface (Chris Benoit), Spear (Edge), "Modified F-U/Attitude Adjustment" (John Cena), etc.
  • He is the 2nd Armor King of Tekken, since the first one died prior to the events of Tekken 4.

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