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    Armored Core: Nexus

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Sep 28, 2004

    Armored Core: Nexus is the eighth game in the Armored Core series, adding new content to the game, including a second disc that brings back the original Armored Core game in graphic remake.

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    The Future is now...join the Revolution.
    The Future is now...join the Revolution.

    Armored Core: Nexus is the eighth game to the Armored Core franchises, the game was developed by From Software, and published in North America by Agetec.

    The story continues after the event of Silent Line, when the IBIS was completely destroyed. The battle between the Corporations re-emerged and continues unabated the region. The game comes with two disc, the first disc is the main game and the second come with extra content to the game.


    Armored Core: NEXUS!
    Armored Core: NEXUS!

    Armored Core: Nexus is a update version of Armored Core 3 game engine with better graphic and sounds. Some of the changes in the game are that you can't not import your previous game data, Silent Line or any Armored Core games on the PS2.

    The "OP-INTENSIFY" Optional Parts in the previous games that allows you to move around while equip with a Grenada launcher has been taken off the game for adding challenges to the player. The only way to move around while equipped a Grenada Launcher-type weapon on your back is with a Hover, Tank, or Quad Legs. However, the Tank Legs are the only one that let's you fly around while equip with a Grenade Launcher.

    The game removed most of the clone weapons as well as the weapon breaking previously available in Silent Line: Armored Core. Nexus no longer have inside Generator Jamming Rockets, inside ECM Rockers, Extension Emergency Energy Coolers, Extension Stealth, Back Ammo Magazines, or any Howitzer weapon available for the player. New weapons are included like a Railgun Energy Cannon, Extension Solid and Energy Rifle Ammo Magazines, Linear Rifle, new hanger weapons, and side anti-missile field extensions.

    Evolution Disc

    The Evolution Disc is the first disc of Armored Core: Nexus that contain all new content in which the story-modes of Nexus plays out. Nexus is much like Another Age, most of the game's arena battles are played out in story-based mission, however a "Free Arena" is unlock by completing the game once.

    The mission layout is divided into a map that shows the different areas. As you progress through the game it unlocks more portions of the map just as previous games. However the map is now similar to a geographical globe rather than hexagons on what looked like a risk board. Also tournaments and the shop are as they were seemingly unchanged since previous titles.

    Revolution Disc

    AC Valkyrie in Nexus Remake
    AC Valkyrie in Nexus Remake

    The Revolution Disc features graphical remakes of early PS1 Armored Core titles. The most stunning is the modern look of the Final boss of the first Armored Core game. In addition to playing early Armored Core levels remade. You also can unlock the soundtracks from all Armored Core games leading up to nexus. And remixes of the majority of them. Concept art and all of the intro movies are also available as unlocks, however, only the Japaneses versions of the intro videos are available, but the since there is no dialogue in any of them the difference is not noticeable unless compared side by side.


    Mercenary Groups

    Raven's Ark

    The successor of Global Cortex, they held responsible for setting up contracts between the Raven and the Corporations.



    The largest and most powerful Corporations through out the region. Despite their strength, Mirage is still expanding their power through the region.


    The Most self concerned corporation. If they need to they have a handful of private ACs ex. Genobee, at their disposal to do with whatever they please.


    Although not the biggest or most funded corporation they do manage to stand out because of the uniqueness of their weapons. Mostly all of their weapons do more than what is listed in the statistics.


    A new corporation, the discovery of a mysterious new resource in one of their mines has led to tension between them and Mirage due to their insistence on keeping their discovery to themselves.


    Mostly focuses on MT construction and does not like to get involved in wars or conflict. How ever this means they sell their MTs to anybody so expect to see their MTs no matter who your on a job for.


    Organization for Administrating Enterprise (OAE)

    Tries to act as a police to prevent corporations from doing anything unlawful but ends up being bullied by Mirage and Crest all too often.



    Main page: Genobee

    The most powerful Raven in the Arena, Genobee works exclusivity for Crest. He pilots all black AC Dual Face, which has the ability beyond any ACs in Nexus.


    Main page: Jack-O

    A Raven who seeking to restructuring the entire Raven's Ark administrative system. Jack-O wasn't seen much in Nexus, but seen more in Last Raven. He pilots overweight AC Foxeye.


    Main page: Evangel

    A new Raven who becomes a friendly rival to the player over the course of Nexus. He's eventually expelled from the Raven's Ark for signing illegal contract from Mirage. His AC, Oracle, is featured on the game's box art and on the game opening movie.


    A rival to the player at the beginning of the game, Ammo pilots a AC Birth Bomb which he later renamed it End Bomb. He was killed by the Raven when his AC got destroyed on the battlefield.


    A unknown unregistered Raven who also works exclusively for Crest, she is extremely loyal to Genobee. Agraya pilots all-black AC, Red Star, similar to Genobee's AC Dual Face, her AC got destroyed by the Raven when she was lured into a trap. After the Raven defeated Agraya, she apologize to Genobee before she dies.

    Pin Fire

    A cruel Raven who works primarily for Navis, he appears in mission several times in the game. Pin Fire was killed by the Raven in a Mirage employed mission. His son Rim Fire is one of the few minor Ravens to survive the game and makes appearance in Last Raven.


    The Cover of the JP version
    The Cover of the JP version

    The Nexus soundtrack featured all the music from the Armored Core: Nexus disk one, as well as the remixes from the Armored Core: Nexus - Revolution Disc. The Nexus soundtrack and remixes were composed by the talent of N.O.Y.B., Kota Hoshino, Yukinori Takada, Tsukasa Saitoh, Shohei Tsuchiya, and Kohichi Suenaga. The Soundtrack was only published in Japan and US imports can go around 40 USD for a copy.

    Disc One - Evolution

    Track #Song TitleRunning Time
    2.World Navigation2:15
    4.Like a Buffalo2:02
    7.Come one Nexus1:51
    8.Scope Eye2:26
    9.Brandnew Armored Core Runs About2:34
    12.Prankish Jelly1:34
    13.Electro Arm with Emotion3:15
    14.Lighting Volcano2:57
    15.My Boat1:20
    16.Urgent Evasion3:11
    17.Flood of a Life2:42
    19.Wall Flower3:19
    20.High Sign2:37
    21.Galaxy Heavy Blow2:28
    22.Red Butterfly4:31
    23.End Roll25:4

    Disc Two - Revolution

    Track #Song TitleRunning Time
    1.Whiz Drop Nutty3:09
    2.Detect But Miss2:35
    3.Insurance Money (Verion Sil)2:21
    4.Complete Physical Tek2:50
    5.Mode (Cut up Version)2:44
    6.In My Heart More Heart2:40
    7.9 Memories3:07
    8.Another Age Left Turn2:17
    9.Shape Memory Alloys1:01
    10.Firework Circuit (Edit)3:15
    11.Grip the Otherside2:58
    12.Circulation All Over2:55
    13.Super Monkey Likes Daddy2:47
    14.Apex in Circle (Extended)3:06
    15.Artificial Sky (Tribal 3/4)3:12
    16.Silent Line (Remix)2:25
    17.Revolution (Mix)10:17

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