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    Armsel Striker

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    A semi-automatic shotgun created in South Africa during the 1980s for riot control.

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    Also know under the aliases Sentinel Arms Striker-12, Cobray Street Sweeper and many other names. The Armsel Striker was a 12 gauge shotgun unique in design due to its' revolver like barrel, enabling it semi-automatic fire.

    The weapon is banned in many countries including the United States and Canada as it is looked upon as an assault weapon. Since it's creation in the '80s the design has been improved upon and many different variations exist today.

    Modern Warfare 2

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    In multiplayer the Striker is unlocked at level 34. The Striker is an excellent close quarters combat weapon because of the 12 shell drum barrel. One big disadvantage of the shotgun is the long reload time for each shell.

    Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned

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    In The Lost and Damned the Striker is a fully automatic shotgun capable of dumping and emptying its 8 round barrel in a matter of seconds. This weapon is perfect for clearing rooms and encounters with multiple hostiles, but has a long reloading animation.


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