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    Army Corps of Hell

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Dec 17, 2011

    Play as a king banished to hell who must assemble and command an army of 100 goblins just in time for the Japanese launch of the Playstation Vita.

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    Army Corps of Hell is an action game being released for the Japanese launch of the Playstation Vita. It is being developed by Entersphere Co., Ltd., consisting of former Nintendo staff who worked on Pikmin. The player assumes the role of a tyrant who once ruled the world, but was overthrown and sent to hell by the mortals due to his domination and greed. Now he must gather goblin troops to regain his power and seek revenge on his banishers. The game's soundtrack features heavy metal bands local to Entersphere's studio in Shinjuku, Japan, but there is also the option of players substituting in their own soundtrack.


    Gameplay revolves around commanding troops to defeat your foes. The player strafes around enemies with one analog stick while using the other to direct their goblin army. Waves of goblins can be unleashed on cyclops creatures and other monsters with the trigger button and they can attack in three ways: a focused long range attack, a reliable medium range attack, and a broad multi-hit magic spell. The goblin army can be ordered to form a defensive formation around you by hitting the other trigger. In the defensive mode a spear attack formation can be activated to make the goblins form into the shape of an arrow which can then be fired at the enemy. After defeating foes, goblins can be sent to devour the remains and obtain materials for upgrading weapons and other craft items.

    Potions can be used to bring back fallen goblins through a health-replenishing minigame. By drumming the Vita's back touch panel you build up a meter and when it gets high enough health is gained. Guitars and flutes can also be crafted, with each instrument coming with different uses of the touch controls.

    The game also features four-player multiplayer.


    • United - "Fate"
    • United - "In The Name …"
    • Bold Fat Missile - "Blind Blast"
    • Edge of Spirit - "Destroy"
    • Fastkill - "S.D.T.D"
    • Ghouls Attack! - "The war without a code"
    • GxSxD - "Chaos World"
    • Knights of Round - "Reborn"
    • King's-Evil - "Detonation"
    • Mastermind - "Cold-hearted"
    • Rachel Mother Goose - "Vicious eyes ~"
    • Sickhead - "Ready To Die"
    • Survive - "Strength To Live"
    • Tetsukabuto - "Open Season"
    • Volcano - "Hell In The Paradise"

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