Should a 360 game be lagging this much?

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A friends and I was playing Army of Two The 40th Day in co-op. We both have 100mbit connections, live in the same city and we both have the newest 360 version (slim). Despite that the game was laggy as hell. I've played RE5 and Reach a lot on co-op and never had any problems, but AoT was freezing up for half a second every now and then and often it seemed to be running at no more than 10-15FPS. There were times when I didn't know if the enemies falling to the ground in slow motion was supposed to be a feature to make it look dramatic or if the game just couldn't handle the pressure. I've never experienced anything like it on the 360 apart for the demo of Two Worlds 1. I should also mention that at times it lagged to much that we could not hear each other speaking over the 360 headset because of the stutter. 
Is the game like this in online co-op? What are your experiences?

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