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A game that tries a little too hard to focus on co-op 1

Army of Two is one reminds me of one of those B-rated action movies. You have Rios, a battle-hardened soldier who looks like he's seen enough death in his lifetime, and Salem, a young spunky kid who's every other word is "bro" They start off in the army and figure out that mercenaries make a shit-load more money and apparently get to choose their own missions. This of course leads to them joining a PMC (Private Military Corporation) where they get to wear masks and pimp out their guns.  This of ...

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Solo sucks. Get a buddy. 0

Unlike most people I never played this game solo. Form the offset I had a good friend rock it out with me. My friend and me share a friendship much like the one set up in the game. That said... this game is made for two players. The co-op is awesome but a tad lacking. You fell like they need to keep at it and they will have an amazing gem on there hands. That said the gun play is "ok" to say the least. Its just not as hard hitting as you would like and the guns sound a little weak. At the same p...

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Definitely WAS going to be a classic... 0

Army of Two is a cooperative cover based shooter that was planned to come out before Christmas '07, but pushed back to polish it up a bit. At first, it was planned to include a variety of vehicles, voice commands, a seamless integration of single player going into co- op, and... well, cooperative tampon reviving. To explain, your partner gets shot, you would use a tampon to stop the bleeding while he fought to survive. Apparently that really is the best thing to stop the bleeding, and they actua...

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Co-op is no longer a mode its the game! 0

I picked this game up after seeing the trailer for it about 3 months back. I was glad to break away from the FPS's I had been playing for the last 2 months and with Army of Two I was not disappointed. For starters the visuals on this game are brilliant although not quite COD4 they are great especially on parachuting through Afghanistan. The campaign itself is quite good but is REALLY short (I finished it in a night) which does pose a problem if your only planning on playing the campaign. However...

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For Co-op Only 0

I played this game with one of my friends and i must say, it is the best Co-op Game on Xbox360 i played till now. The Missons are well done and no to easy. I like it very mutch, becouse of the ability to modify and buy weapons and that you must play together. For a game that was released in 2008 it is well done. I would love to see more such Co-op Games on the Xbox360 because it is really fun to play with a friend and complete missions together. I look forward to play Army of Two 2 :)...

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Total one night stand 0

Got this game for the co-op. Played it with a friend for a whole night just upgrading guns and laughing at the hilariously inept writing and just how big a douche either character is. I learned among many other things that air guitar is a totally okay response to shooting some dude repeatedly in the face, and that guns with gold on them make people angry. Ostensibly because they are poor and dislike wealth distributed in a wholly insane fashion. Did you know that shooting a sniper rifle from a p...

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Army of Two will satisfy anyone desperate for co-op 0

Steven BeynonEpicSteve President Eisenhower warned the world about the uprising of Private Military protecting the United States in his farewell state of the union address. Company's such as Black Water, Titan Corporation, and Triple Canopy were gaining too much power in warfare, and has the potential to undermine the safety of both the U.S. and their allies. This is neither a history lesson, nor a current events lecture, but the plot to EA Montreal's latest action packed co-op shooter, Army of ...

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Broken AI and a weak story keep AO2 from capturing your heart. 0

Salem and Rios, the main characters and army rangers, quickly learn that they could be making more money in privatized military, so they leave the army and and become mercenaries for hire. You play as either one of these soldiers of fortune during the modern day war in Iraq. Sounds good right? Too bad it's only true half of the time. If you're playing with another friend cooperatively then AO2 is a blast. On the other hand, if you are playing on your own then your experience will be very frust...

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"You were like and Army of Two down there" 0

Good: Good voice work, great music, fun coop. Bad: Some textures look washed, Really short, Not that great online. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Army of Two is a new game by EA. It places you as either Tyson Rios or Elliot Salem. Both characters with unique personality. The story will start you off in 1993 in Somalia, you are US Army Rangers, who have grow tired of being bossed around by their country. After completing their mission they leave the...

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Army Of My review =) 10

There hasn't been a game that has reminded me of Gears Of War until Army Of 2!I know it doesn't have the best online play but then againThere hasn't been a game thats reminds me of GOW!!! accept (Army of 2)I think alot of people bash this game & never give it enough creditIt had a great story line & loveable characters to go with itI had so much fun playing story mode with my friends  I think the graphics were niceThe characters were frickin hilarious,they definately grow on youPros:*Eve...

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Well You Get To Kill Stuff... 0

 This game suffers of mediocrity! RENT IT FIRST! In the months following up to Army of Two, this game appeared to be a solid third-person, "Gearsy" experience. However all that hype has been shot down by a poor cover system, disposable story, and unforgiving gameplay mechanics. After hearing mixed reactions about the game, I rented it, just so that I didn't go wasting 60 bucks on a game that may have completely flopped. The story is loosely patched together following two characters name Rios...

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Fun co-op gunplay, provided you have a friend 0

Army of Two is a pretty run-of-the-mill 3rd person shooter that doesn't try to stretch the boundaries of the genre, but nevertheless is a fun game if you have a friend. The game emphasizes cooperation, and its objective is to bring back that classic cooperative gameplay trailblazed by predecessors like Contra. Unfortunately, Army of Two is nowhere near as iconic or memorable as its older brother, despite its 3-D advantage. Still, the game offers a lot of intense, heated combat scenarios that ...

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Army of Two and a half stars. 0

Introduction               Usually I’m smart enough not to purchase games made or published by E.A. However with the recent release of Army of Two I broke down. I have to admit a game completely centered on co-op gameplay really enticed me. Plus, the thought of owning a gem studded gold inlaid mini-gun was too much to pass up. I purchased what looked to be E.A.’s first quality game in a long time. But was it?             Well for as long as the game lasts and for as little content as it has, Arm...

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The only way to truly enjoy army of two is to play co-op 2

    Army of two is a 3rd person action shooter for the ps3 and xbox 360. You start out as two men named Rios and Salem who are private military contractors. In English their mercs who are hired by the government to do special jobs. After the first mission you're treated to a cool trailer that time lines you working for this PMC (private military contractor) called SSC.     I like the premise for being a mercenary yet the overall story isn't very good and the dialogue is laughable with one charac...

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This generic game fails where it tries to innovate. 0

Army of Two Review.posted: 03/19/2008 Army of Two PLATFORM (PS3, Xbox 360) PUBLISHER (EA) PRICE $60 ESRB RATING (M for Mature) PLAYERS (1-4 online) Army of Two is almost a total clone of Gears of War. It copies that third person shooter so much that after the game was over and the credits rolled, I watched just to see if any of the developers had the last name Xerox. What is most surprising about this is that the game succeeds most when it is sticking to what has worked bef...

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Excellent co-op 0

Army of Two sets you in a modern time period and gives you missions that are sort of based on world events. The main characters are Rios and Salem. The storyline between these two is given in great context. They are former rangers turned mercenaries and are comical throughout a lot of the game. The boss fights are not very epic considering that we don't actually get a story on each boss. All we are told is that they are terrorists and what they have that justifies us killing them. Apart from tha...

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Army of Two 0

For many of us, some of our fondest memories of playing video games come from the times we spent playing co-operative games with our friends. I remember when I was younger, I’d head over to my friend’s house, and we’d immerse ourselves for hours playing some of our favourite games of the time. With the arrival of newer, more powerful systems, it’s been a trend for several years now for game developers to focus more on single player games, placing greater emphasis of the cinematic aspects of gami...

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army of badass 0

Now, this is worth playing, if just for the badass-ness (if you will). I played through the single player, since my co-op buddy (you know who you are!) is too busy playing Soul Sucker (WoW).The partner controls are easy to use and a snap to control aggression/cover/attack conventions. With co-op this would be even easier, as you don't need to control your partner (though you might want to at times).Don't look for story. At all. This is just an excuse for two dudes to kick the crap out of about 3...

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One thing I love in a video game is it's stress on teamwork. 0

When army of two first was realeased, I was really dying to try it. In 2009 I finally did. I hate EA to the highest extent possible, but the teamwork stress and storyline made me forgive them for those 16 hours playing it. Plenty of guns and fun in the storyline, and a really big cliffhanger at the end. I sure did enjoy the freshness of the game, and just about everything in it. Points of the campaign are loose, but tie up in later parts. It is a diverse game that I enjoyed, and worth a playthro...

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There are some issues, but it's a fun Co-op game nonetheless. 0

So EA's Co-op shooter after some delay has finally came out. Was it worth the wait? Yes and no. It's a good game, of that you can be sure. As a Co-op fanatic, this game is heaven. That it can be played Splitscreen is a plus. Lots of games add online multiplayer nowadays whilst neglecting splitscreen. Some of us want to play with friends in the same room. Some of us aren't willing to purchase an extra 360 and two of every game we want to play to accomplish this goal. So yeah, splitscreens a welc...

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One is the loneliest 0

Electronic Arts is mostly known for its sports games, so it's very unlikely that an action title coming from the powerhouse is looked forward to. Army of Two, a highly anticipated action title from EA Montreal has completely changed that stereotype. But the question is, is Army of Two any good? The only answer to that question is a resounding yes. Army of Two is the best action title to be released so far this year. This is in thanks to its superb cooperative mechanics, brutality, and story. Yo...

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A Fun Romp! 0

Army of Two is a unique experience much akin to it's brother/sister game Gears of War in terms of playstyle. Army of Two is a game that carries it's own charm and for players who did enough homework on their own to know what they were getting into, this game offered an fun single or co-op run-and-gun experience with enough guns and customization mods to rival that of Arnold Schwarzenegger in COMMANDO. While this game was often written off as a "clone" it was offered up as a similar yet different...

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Gears-style coop and cheesy dialogue 0

The easiest way to describe Army Of Two is an ’80s action movie designed as a game. It features all the things you’d come to expect from a movie like Die Hard or Commando, but in a competent game that delivers fun coop gameplay. The game will not appeal to anyone looking for a “smart” shooter, especially those who enjoy realistic and tactical games. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely tactics here in the game, but nothing more complex than what you’d see in the game that Army Of Two seems t...

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Army of Two isn't all that bad. 0

If you're a person that takes great pride in the Iraq war and the people that serve there, stay away from Army of Two. The multiple jabs at the U.S. Army, and actually killing Iraqi suicide bombers is definitely not for everyone. On the other hand, if you're looking for a good 6 hours of fun, co-op action and you're able to get past its strong subject matter, Army of Two should suit you just fine. Army of Two follows two guys named Rios and Salem. Rios and Salem serve in the US military, but so...

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EA's latest endeavour tries to break new ground. 0

In Army of Two, you and a friend (or an AI buddy) take on the role of high risk, high reward soldiers Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios. You start out in the game as enlisted men, but quickly jettison your positions in favor of joining the SSC private military corporation. Going from two ordinary soldiers to two money hungry die-hards in nothing flat, Salem and Rios are assigned reconnaissance and assassination missions in response to the 9/11 terror attacks. There are a few twists and turns along the...

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Army of Two Review 0


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A Game With A Solid Premise That Needs Polish 0

It's taken me almost a year to pick up Army of Two and give it a try. Bad word of mouth and mediocre review scores kept me away until it dropped to a price where I didn't think I'd feel too cheated it I gave it a try. Having done so I can say with confidence that this is a game you will enjoy as long as  you know what you're getting into. Namely bring a friend and get ready for some over the top action.The game is built around two things: co-op and crazy 80s style action movie firefights. The st...

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Army Of Two -Whats with the hate? 0

Yes I do admit, Army Of Two was not the greatest game in the world, but jeez, whats with all the hate? I thought this game (aside from a few bugs) was very well put out, and one of the most fun experiences I've ever had on my PS3...even on single player.Graphics: Great graphics! It's even better when you have a "VIBRANT" setting on your tv.  Salem and Rios look awesome in whatever you have put them in.Sound: Great voice acting from our two soldiers! They do apparently know air guitar (tap x by r...

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It Does Take Two To Tango! 0

Halo 3 nailed it, Gears of War executed it, and heck even Crackdown did it. Did exactly what you say? Feature the ability to plough through the campaign with a friend over Xbox Live and even on the same Xbox 360. EA’s Army of Two was built from the ground up to ensure the player gets the most thrilling, intense action packed co-op experience and while it might have sounded good on paper, it has not been implemented all that well. You begin with a nice little training mission to accustom yourself...

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A strong co-op game, with lack luster action. 0

Army of Two is an action game based on the adventures of two soldiers of fortune. Rios and Salem. These two mask wearing, bro talking bad-asses are not the greatest video game characters ever made, but they are funny, at some points. The action is weak to say the least. Shooting is not satasfying, and is probably due to the fact that there is not enough blood. When you cap somone in the head, they just fall back, thier heads do not explode. EA is not known for making gory games, and this is not ...

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Army of ugh... 1

Army of Two is a game i have been waiting forever to play. Now that i have played it i must say i am a bit let down. What looked like it was going to be an amazing game is only subpar. First let me say that i really dont like the way the screen is split for split screen. I think this type of game should really have a vertical split but alas it does not.Now the big draw to this game is its Co-Op. I mean come on thats what the game really is all about. Now one downfall i feel that this game has...

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