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Total one night stand

Got this game for the co-op. Played it with a friend for a whole night just upgrading guns and laughing at the hilariously inept writing and just how big a douche either character is. I learned among many other things that air guitar is a totally okay response to shooting some dude repeatedly in the face, and that guns with gold on them make people angry. Ostensibly because they are poor and dislike wealth distributed in a wholly insane fashion. Did you know that shooting a sniper rifle from a parachute is a totally viable option under intense fire? It's pretty wild really.

The gameplay is built around co-op, but the co-op it's built around is less about doing smart stuff under fire and more about doing what the game expects of you. As a result it's never really satisfying to do anything at all cooperatively, least of all the terrible "back to back" sessions where your hockey mask wearing gimps do a slow motion spin together while everybody else dies at scripted sections. The only times coop seems to really matter are on the latter levels at a fairly high difficulty setting, because the enemy AI is fierce and really really wants to beat you in the face. Which is a plus i guess.

The graphics veer between incredibly dull and inexplicably, WILDLY peaks at a totally rad level set on an aircraft carrier before returning to more browns and grays. They are not special in any way. The same goes for sound, which only really entertains because of how completely insane the protagonists are and they're voiced by people who seem to realize how completely backwards their parts are. The weapon sounds are completely ghastly in all possible ways, with dull muted duh-duh-duh for every single weapon in the game. As a result nothing really feels damaging so.. Meh..

It's just a big joke, all of it. You can play through it in one sitting and unlock most of the guns that seem interesting and then it's a wrap and you can put the game back in its case and never have to open it again.

I literally haven't played this game since the first run through. Was it fun? Sure. Was it worth the full crazy-dollar price of a 360 game? Not at all. It never felt like a complete game. There's just not enough content.

I have no idea why Army of two happened. There's no good reason for it to exist, which actually raises hopes in EA. More weirdness please. Just put more stuff to do in your weirdness. That'd be hot.

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