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Arrow Heads is an online and local multiplayer game being developed by OddBird Studio. The game features isometric archery battles in a first to ten PvP arena and a wave base PvE battle.

The game does not have an official release date but has been hinted at being release early 2017 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the NVIDIA Shield.


Arena Mode

Players face off in a one hit kill, first to ten battle using bows and arrows. Ammunition is unlimited except for power-ups. Players are able to jump, dash and deflect. Dashing can be used to avoid arrows and to collide into other players stunning them briefly. Deflecting arrows sends the arrows back to the position they came from. Players are able to pick up power ups that spawn throughout the battle. Power ups include Fire, Bear Trap, Tesla, Scatter Shot, and Rocket Arrows, as well as Armour which grants 1 extra hit before death.

Arcade Mode

In the arcade mode players use the same skills in arena mode to battle waves of bears. There are 5 different bears, each ranging in difficulty. A small cute bear charges at players; stunning them. An ax wielding bear chases players throwing its ax at them. Sniper bears shoot at players from a distance with a spear gun. Larger bears holding shields charge at player with their shield. The largest bear bear cycles between shooting bombs at the player and throwing the small cute bears. They also wear protective armor which falls off after each successful hit. It takes 3 hits to kill them.


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