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The 72 Demons

  1. King Bael
  2. Duke Agares
  3. Prince Vassago
  4. Marquis Gamigin
  5. President Marbas
  6. Duke Valefor
  7. Marquis Amon
  8. Duke Barbatos
  9. King Paimon
  10. President Buer
  11. Duke Gusion
  12. Prince Sitri
  13. King Beleth
  14. Marquis Leraje
  15. Duke Eligor
  16. Duke Zepar
  17. President Botis
  18. Duke Bathin
  19. Duke Sallos
  20. King Purson
  21. President Morax
  22. Prince Ipos
  23. Duke Aim
  24. Marquis Nebiros
25. President Glasya-Labolas
26. Duke Bune
27. Marquis Ronove
28. Duke Berith
29. Duke Astaroth
30. Marquis Forneus
31. President Foras
32. King Asmodeus
33. Prince Gaap
34. Count Furfur
35. Marquis Marchosias
36. Prince Stolas
37. Marquis Phenex
38. Count Halphas
39. President Malphas
40. Count Raum
41. Duke Focalor
42. Duke Vepar
43. Marquis Sabnock
44. Marquis Shax
45. King Vine
46. Count Bifrons
47. Duke Vual
48. President Haagenti
49. Duke Procell
50. Knight Furcas
51. King Balam
52. Duke Alloces
53. President Caim
54. Duke Murmur
55. Prince Orobas
56. Duke Gemori
57. President Ose
58. President Amy
59. Marquis Orias
60. Duke Vapula
61. King Zagan
62. President Valac
63. Marquis Andras
64. Duke Flauros
65. Marquis Andrealphus
66. Marquis Kimaris
67. Duke Amdusias
68. King Belial
69. Marquis Decarabia
70. Prince Seere
71. Duke Dantalion
72. Count Andromalius

In Shin Megami Tensei

Half of the Goetia demons appear with unique designs in Shin Megami Tensei, most with known art from Kazuma Kaneko, some not. Many other of the demons have appeared, but in older games where they were palette swaps of others.

  • Appears in SMT with unique Kaneko art: Bael, Agares, Gamigin, Barbatos, Paimon, Sitri, Eligor, Botis, Purson, Morax, Nebiros, Berith, Astaroth, Forneus, Gaap, Marchosias, Stolas, Halphas, Shax, Bifrons, Murmur, Orobas, Gemori, Ose, Orias, Andras, Flauros, Belial, Decarabia, Seere, Dantalion. (31)
  • Appears in SMT games with unique designs and known Kaneko sketches: Vine (1)
  • Appears in SMT games with unique designs but no known Kaneko art: Buer, Balam, Caim, Amdusias. (4)
  • Appears in SMT games with unique, non-Kaneko art: Asmodeus (1)
  • Appears in Megami Tensei II: Amon, Sallos, Aim, Focalor, Amy, Valac, Kimaris (7)
  • Appears in Giten Megami Tensei: Marbas, Valefor, Leraje, Zepar, Ipos, Bune, Malphas, Raum, Vepar, Sabnock, Haagenti, Procell, Alloces, Vapula, Zagan (15)
  • Appears in Devil Children: Glasya-Labolas (1)
  • Doesn't appear in any SMT game: Vassago, Beleth, Bathin, Ronove, Furfur, Phenex, Andrealphus, Andromalius, Furcas, Vual, Gusion, Foras (12)

In Shadow Hearts Covenant

Though they don't make an appearance in-person, the 72 demons of the Goetia are involved with the Solomon's Key side-quest. They appear as collectible crests and are important for learning new spells and abilities.


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