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Art Style: CUBELLO is the second installment in the Art Style series of WiiWare and DSiWare releases. This installment blends puzzle and shooter elements together to make for one of the more unique puzzlers to come out in recent memory.


Like ORBIENT before it,  CUBELLO is a three-dimensional puzzle game. It's gamplay is similar to other puzzle games out there in the sense that you simply match blocks of similar hues together to clear the playing field of blocks. The difference here, however, is how you do that. In the middle of the screen there is a huge cluster of blocks called a cubello, that slowly moves toward you. And should it reach you, the game ends. You're job is to clear the clear the cubello of blocks before that happens.

This is done by shooting cubes of you're own at the cubello, thereby removing blocks (when you match for or more of the same hue together), and pushing it back in the process. However, you must be careful about where you fire your own cubes, as you're "magazine" has a limited amount of cubes to fire. This can, of course, be refilled by eliminating cubes from the cubello which are added to your "magazine" upon doing so. In addition, a slot machine in the upper-right corner of the screen spins, and when the symbols align you get to fire an unlimited amount of cubes of a particular color for a small amount of time, which may or may not make things easier for you.

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