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Here is a game that not many will play. Sadly

Art Style games which were called Bit Stream games back on the GBA days have pretty much all received a updated version. Such as light trax which (originally dotsream on GBA)has been done for the Wiiware and gotten a 3D perspective. Don't get all too excited though. This is still minimalist and stylish arcade fun. The basic premises of light trax is simple. You are controlling a white line who needs to compete against six other lines to get to the goal. Line racer game if that makes any sense. Relative of original Tron light cycle racing action of some sort.

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Campaign is split into five locations where each has three tracks. Other modes are: spot race where single race can be done against time. Also a freeway mode which is completely new mode to the Wiiware version. Here the view is shown from an horizontal perspective. The same freeway mode is used in campaign mode to move between different tracks. Gameplay on the latter varies bit to the main idea where there are no laps. Hugging competitors lines gain more boost points and once hitting 100% a new gear/level is gained and the speed increases further. These sections rewarded with points and time.

The main gameplay is surprisingly deep looking at some how simple the game is. At first it appears that player is so much slower than the opponent and that a perfect lap, IE shortest possible route is required. Luckily game is not so cumbersome. Most important aspect of game comes from "driving" as close as opponent lines as possible. The longer this is done the more boost is gained. Levels are spread with different selection of power-ups. Often placed in more awkward and difficult to get spots. Risk and reward used acquiring these. Same time some thought needs to be used where these are to be used. This for once is a racing game where it doesn't pay of to be first all the time since there is no lines to gain boost from. The latter levels get rather mischievous with the amount obstacles and routes player can take. Although once the campaign is finished there is not much reason to go back. Other than improving the times on spot race(single race).

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The presentation is very minimalist on all fronts. Soundtrack is light jazzy/chiptune electronic music. Levels outside the track and the obstacles are black. The other used colors are limited to handful of different colors. The visually most, well visual mode The freeway mode remotely reminds me of Trailblazer game. Horizontal racing with precise reflex required.

By no means this a bad game. Few levels are challenging but overall light trax is rather short. Still, unique looking and actually quite lot of fun. No doubt one of the better Wiiware games.

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