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    Art Style: PiCTOBiTS

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released May 18, 2009

    A nostalgic puzzle game on the DSiWare featuring art and music from classic Nintendo games. You control the game by tapping blocks on the bottom of the screen with the stylus and moving them to form shapes with falling blocks of the same color, eventually forming 8-bit NES sprites.

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    Game Progression

    As opposed to a continuous stream of play a la Tetris, PiCTOBiTS consists of finite levels a la Dr. Mario. Once the sprite that defines the level is complete, you can elect to move onto the next level or retry the same level.

    As you eliminate blocks during each level, you collect coins which can then be used in the shop where you can unlock and purchase the music played throughout the game (see below) or purchase "Dark" level.
    There exists one Dark level per normal level, and you can play them as soon as you purchase them. However, you can't purchase a Dark level for a level which you haven't played yet.


    All of the music is classic NES game tunes rearranged by the Japanese electronica group, YMCK.

    Remixes of famous and obscure NES game music and SFX accompany the levels featuring characters from the same game..

    01. Super Mario Bros. 1-1
    02. Super Mario Bros. 1-2
    03. Balloon Fight Bonus Stage
    04. Ice Climber First Stage
    05. Ice Climber Bonus Stage
    06. Wrecking Crew
    07. Baseball Title Screen
    08. Excite Bike Title Screen
    09. Devil World Stage FX Remix
    10. Devil World Title Screen
    11. The Legend of Zelda Overworld Theme
    12. The Legend of Zelda Dungeon 9
    13. Super Mario Bros. 1-3
    14. Super Mario Bros. 1-4
    15. Ending
    16. Sutaffu Kurejitto ( Staff Credits)


    • Japan: 500 points ( Jan. 28, 2009)
    • United States: 500 points (May 18, 2009)

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