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This worked better on GBA

skip. Ltd, the developer behind Art Style: Rotohex are recycling their Dialhex from GBA's Bit Generations series to Wiiware here. These awesome bit Generations games have never been released outside Japan before. They attached the Art Style name to these games and released these on Nintendo's Wiiware/ DSiware services to the western audience.

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Rotohex is really simple little puzzle game. This can be seen in all aspects of the game. The actual gameplay is done inside of a hexagon. Tiny shards are falling down to the hexagon in regular intervals. These shards are rotated around to create smaller hexagons which then disappear from screen when being all single color. Game starts with two different colors and new colors get unlocked when clearing certain number of hexagons, which makes the game harder naturally. A random blinking shard drops occasionally as well which has different relieving effects. Such as removing all shards of that particular color or drain shards out of the hexagon.

Visual aspects of the game is minimalistic. Like other bit Generations games black is the main color. This and the handful colors used in the shards give the game a very plain stylistic look. The music is odd jazzy low-key melodic tunes which suit the simple look and feel of the game. Art Style is a fitting name since the games simple colors give this a unique artsy feel.

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On the re-playability and game modes. Besides the solo more. There is a 2 player co-op mode which is interesting feature. Since compared the main game there is two big hexagons where each player has their hexagon. Interesting part here is that the hexagons are attached to each other giving players ability to mess the borderlining hexagons or use it to assist the other player.

Game also has two un-lockable game modes (Endless and Sprint), but even with these I don't fully feel that game is worth of every one of the 600 points. Game has a very specific feel and the idea behind the game is unique for sure. I still feel that there isn't much of a long lasting fun game here. Maybe such simple puzzle just suited GBA's small screen and limited hardware better?

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