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1 vs. 100 Free For All This Weekend

Sounds like a stress test to me.

Perhaps you can be
Perhaps you can be "the one." 
Here's a quick bit of information for you Xbox Live Silver members out there. Microsoft has decided to open up the beta of its recurring, sometimes-live online game show, 1 vs. 100, to Xbox Live silver members between Friday and Sunday. Hey, that's today!

I'd say it's absolutely worth taking a look at if you haven't seen it before. It's been surprisingly fun. Hey, do you think this is designed to stress test the servers Microsoft is running for the game, or do you think it's designed to entice the free crowd into dropping some cash on a gold-level account? It's probably both, I'd guess. But if the thought of playing online games hasn't sold you on a paid account yet, I can't imagine this game show will seal the deal.

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