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1UP Yours: The Invasion Continues

Part two of our two-part visit to the Ziff-Davis offices is now live.

Yeah, but does their podcast feature a talk box?
Yeah, but does their podcast feature a talk box?
A reminder for those of you who have already forgotten: The four of us went over and did a group guest shot on two editions of 1UP's podcast, 1UP Yours. The second part of that posted this morning, so head on over and give it a listen. Here's their description for the episode:

For the second, and final, part of the 2008 1UP Yours Holiday Special Garnett and Shane orchestrate an unprecedented two segments of Four Minute Warnings. The first takes a look back at the year that was 2008 with a variety of questions and everyone also gives their personal picks for Game of the Year. And the second, and final segment for the year, wraps it all up with the sure to be legendary predictions for 2009. Happy Holidays everyone. 1UP Yours will be back in 2009.
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