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2008's Game of the Year, As Chosen By You

Today's the day we reveal the results of your votes and the game you chose as the best of 2008.

The war economy!
The war economy!
Remember those laid-back days of late December, when all we had to do was sit around, hang out, watch TV, and check out the daily updates to Giant Bomb's year-end awards? Me too. It was glorious. One day I slept in until like 4PM. It was crazy.

Along with our own awards, we also asked you to pitch in and vote on your favorite game of the year. We figured we'd give you guys a few weeks to cast some votes and reveal the winner on January 15th. It seemed so far away, like some far-flung future where the police have been replaced by robots and cars drive themselves.

As it turns out, today is January 15th. I got a hand-written parking ticket yesterday from an actual, human cop. And as much as I tried to let go of the wheel while driving in this morning, the car simply would not steer itself. I was pretty disappointed.

But there's no disappointment involved when it comes to your voting. The votes have been cast and the winner has been chosen. Your game of 2008, as voted by you or people like you, is...

It's true. You all like Solid Snake's latest (final?) adventure. Unless you were among the 14 percent that voted for the #2 game, Grand Theft Auto IV. From there it breaks down into smaller chunks, with games like Fallout 3LittleBigPlanet, and Gears of War 2 doing reasonably well. Others did pretty poorly, though. Infinite Undiscovery? Zero votes. Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit? Not one of you thought it was the best game of 2008. Not even Vinny.

Can't say I'm too surprised by that. If you listened to our year-ending podcast, you know that we tossed and turned over GTA4 and MGS4 for hours before making our choice. I probably would have been happy with either choice, and it's neat that it's winning a top award from all y'all.
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