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2.8 Million People Are Playing Wrath of the Lich King

The new World of Warcraft expansion is officiallly the fastest-selling PC game ever. What, you expected otherwise?

Much like bacon, vikings make everything better. (I bet vikings eat a lot of bacon.)
Much like bacon, vikings make everything better. (I bet vikings eat a lot of bacon.)
Just in case you were wondering if the World of Warcraft phenomenon is anywhere close to declining, here's a news flash:  It isn't. Blizzard sent out a release this morning proclaiming Wrath of the Lich King the fastest-selling PC game ever, with 2.8 million copies moved in the first 24 hours alone. (No telling how many more have sold since then.) The previous record was held by...wait for it...the last WOW expansion, Burning Crusade.

How many of you are getting back into WOW because of Lich King? I felt like I'd successfully kicked my WOW habit with finality about 18 months ago, but my will is being sorely tested by this shiny new thing, especially because the last expansion wasn't really what I was looking for. Was anyone really all that excited about Outland? After playing through The Frozen Throne a few years ago, Northrend is where I really wanted to go in WOW, rife with undead as it is. The Scourge-heavy Plaguelands were among my favorite and the most narrative-rich zones in the original WOW, and I hope the arctic north extends that sense of atmosphere and foreboding. Plus, you know, vikings.

...Am I talking myself into playing WOW again? What's going on here?! I guess I do need a game to play on my newish MacBook...

Our resident MMO addicts Dave and Andy are playing a disturbing amount of Lich King at the moment, so you can look forward to slightly more informative coverage in the near future. And while we're on the subject, MTV's Tracey John put together a list of 13 Lich King tips for both newcomers and those about to fall off the wagon.

5. You’re not that far behind. The game has been adjusted to allow new players to level faster. Quests now give more experience points, and the experience points needed to go from level to level has been reduced. To boot, characters can now obtain mounts at level 30 instead of level 40, making questing easier and faster.

Thanks, you're not helping.

Wait a minute. The end of that list reveals that even Brandy--yes, Moesha's Brandy--is getting her grind on in Azeroth. At this point, can I afford not to be playing WOW?
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