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38 Studios Unveils its First Look at Project Copernicus

In the wake of the studio's recent financial drama, the studio finally opens the door on its long-awaited MMO.

Apologies if it seems that we're turning Giant Bomb into the All 38 Studios channel lately, but the drama surrounding the studio in the wake of its recent financial troubles regarding its investment with the state of Rhode Island has been coming fast and furious of late. Understandably, many have questioned the studio's motives and competency, given the known issues and the fact that Project Copernicus, the studio's MMO which has been in development for nearly seven years now, had yet to be seen...

...until now!

Perhaps as a direct response to the criticism--I mean really, why else would this happen today of all days?--the studio today posted the above video on YouTube, which shows the world of Amalur as it looks in Copernicus. The video ultimately shows little more than world details, but it's still a hell of a lot more than we had before.

What do you think?

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