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A Decade Of Dreams

A brief reflection on the lineup of the Dreamcast, 10 years to the day after its release.

Ready to feel old? Exactly 10 years ago today, a number of you were crowding around analog televisions in bedrooms, dorms, and basements to ogle and prod Sega's latest--and as it turned out, last--console, the Dreamcast. Too small a number, I guess, since Sega announced it would cease production of the console barely a year and a half later.

But hey, wasn't it was a great console while it lasted? We thought about going all long-winded nostalgia on you, but Peter Moore did a better job with a nice history lesson already. Instead, we decided to simply pick out a few of our favorite Dreamcast games and record some Quick Look videos. (Nine, in fact, for 9/9/99, you know?) These aren't necessarily the best DC games ever, they're just nine that we remember fondly. Soul Calibur was pretty amazing back then too, for the record.

OK, first hit is free! Let's go with that terrifying fever dream of a puzzle-action game from Sonic Team, ChuChu Rocket.



Aaaaand the remaining eight videos.


Oh yeah, you might want to watch this while I've got your attention. May it haunt your dreams always as it has mine.

Hey, while you're watching, why not post your own favorite Dreamcast memories in the comments?
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