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A Sons of Anarchy Game Suddenly Sounds Like a Really Great Idea

Showrunner Kurt Sutter lets it be known via Twitter that a console game based on the FX series is very early in development.

We've heard Ron Perlman's voice in games many times, but don't you think it's time we got his face in there too?
We've heard Ron Perlman's voice in games many times, but don't you think it's time we got his face in there too?

A while back, rumors started kicking around that a game based on Sons of Anarchy, FX's hit series about SAMCRO, a motorcycle club that tussles weekly with rival gangs, drug runners, white supremacists, and all manner of other shady characters, was in the works. Unfortunately, those rumors centered around a social, browser-based game. While a version of Mafia Wars with bikers and meth dealers sounds basically reasonable conceptually, it's also not something I would particularly want to play.

So color me perhaps overly excited given the actual number of details available that the direction of this Sons of Anarchy game appears to have changed. Showrunner Kurt Sutter, well-known for just kind of saying whatever the hell is on his mind via various online platforms, took to Twitter recently to provide an update on where the game currently stood. From his description, the focus has shifted to a full-fledged, console-based game, and "not some slapcrap browser MP thing." His words, not mine.

The reason for the shift had to do with quality, it seems. Sutter described the original social game concept as something he "wanted to love," but said it ultimately felt "rushed and unsatisfying." Sutter has evidently been meeting with publishers recently, and stated that he, FX, and parent company FOX are all committed to making this new console game happen.

When you think about popular TV shows that could potentially make the jump to the video game space in a quality way, Sons of Anarchy actually seems like kind of an obvious choice. The question, of course, is what kind of game befits the kind of territorial action the show has built itself around? Open world action game? Road Rash-style vehicular combat? Meth eradicating puzzle platformer? Man, these ideas practically write themselves.

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