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A "Variety" of Maps

More details on Infinity Ward's COD4 map pack have surfaced.

Details on the upcoming pack of maps for Call of Duty 4 surfaced today on Microsoft's site. The pack of four maps will be available on April 3 here in North America and will run you 800 points on the 360. That's ten bucks. Details for the PS3 version and worldwide availability weren't announced.

Along with the Variety Map Pack--which is a really bland name, I might add--there will also be a new retail release of COD4, called Game of the Year Edition, which will come with a download code for the new map pack. So if you haven't got on-board with this stuff yet, there's a chance to get it all and save ten bucks in the process. But looking at how well the game has been selling, I'm just going to assume that you already own it.

Head on over to Microsoft's page for the pack if you want to see some dinky screens of two of the four maps. I've actually never purchased a map pack before. Usually, by the time the maps come out for a shooter, I've moved on to a different shooter. But I'm definitely getting these. No doubt.
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