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A Visual Reminder That MMO Animation Kind Of Sucks

Professional fan-animated World of Warcraft clip is here to remind you that MMO animations are still pretty lame.

If World of Warcraft moved like this, I'd probably still play it:


That's a pretty cool little clip that probably took hundreds of hours to actually make. Since nothing in World of Warcraft moves that fluidly, I'm guessing the creator ripped the models and environments out of the game files and imported them into something else. There I go, trying to use my tiny brain to think all technical-like again. Maybe I should just leave it at GOOD VIDEO LOOKS GOOD.

And before you say it, the guy that made it--going by "percula" on Vimeo--already seems to be keenly aware that the music is kind of... bad.
About the music, it wasn't something I choose at random but an element that I consider to be just as important as the models, lighting, animations,...etc. It was the driving force for the pace and the inspiration for the story. With the feedback I've gotten consider your voices heard and it'll be something I take into account in the future. I still think I made the right decision and it's not something I'm going to go back and change so lets agree that we disagree. :)
Maybe if he was making some sort of epic Michael Jackson-like video where people were dance fighting, that song might fit a bit better.
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