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Albummer!'s Things of the Year!

Perhaps our heavy metal friends didn't understand the point of the exercise? Who cares, we love them! Here are a few of Albummer!'s favorite things.

Hello beautiful babies,

We're Albummer!, the first show on Giant Bomb to scientifically prove sincerity is the ultimate cringe, and selling ringtones is the only true art. Since everyone at this wonderful and foolishly supportive website is starting their Game of the Year conversations, we thought it might be kind of cool to give you our individual Game of the Year answers in the art form made most popular by The Heavens Gate cult, a blog post.

Jordan Olds

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My game of the year was The New Therapist I Started Seeing. This one has a much better open-world map and also she isn't constantly threatening to steal my dog that she wrote an emotional support letter for.

Emily Panic

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My game of the year is Marriage. The levels vary in difficulty and every boss is a different manifestation of our intergenerational and childhood traumas, except for one level which was strangely Bowser? And I was like "why is bowser in this game?????" 7/10 stars.

Katie Rose Leon

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It didn’t come out this year but I banked like 40 hours on Banner of the Maid, the only game brave enough to ask “what if the French Revolution was fought not by pale and sickly Parisian men but big titty anime wives instead?"

Drew Kaufman

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My game of the year was When I Knocked Over My Batman Forever Burger King Mug and I Instinctively Kicked it to Stop the Glass from Shattering, Bruising My Foot, and Spraying Iced Coffee All Over My Apartment. Supposedly this next DLC will add a hard mode where I have the option of also burning my small cat with hot sleepy-time tea.

Jeremy Hammond

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My game of the year was, as it has been every year since 2015, Cities: Skylines. It’s the only game where you are God, and God likes trains. 10/10 perfect game no notes. Toot toot.

Lucie Steiner

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My favorite game of the year was a tie between a Riding-A-Horse-In-Real-Life Simulator and Struggling Desperately to Give My Husband an Orgasm.