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Alleged GameStop Memo Says DS Lite Discontinued, But Nintendo's Vague About It

In case you need one, DS Lite systems are still available at most retailers.

White Nintendo DS Lite
White Nintendo DS Lite
It's a time for aging handheld hardware to head into the technological sunset, apparently. 

Sony is ceasing PSPgo production for the Japanese market (but not North America...yet) and an alleged memo sent to GameStop employees republished at GoNintendo (the original source is currently down) state Nintendo is ending production of DS Lite

"New DS Lite systems have been discontinued and stores will no longer be replenished on this product," reads the memo. "Once your store sells through its current stock of these units, please remove any corresponding DS Lite (Crimson, Black and Metallic Rose) display boxes from the sales floor and discard."

What is Nintendo saying? Well, I asked.

== TEASER == "Nintendo DS Lite is still available at most retail locations," said Nintendo of America senior director of corporate communications Charlie Scibetta in an emailed statement to me this morning. "Consumers will be able to find Nintendo DS Lite without much trouble."

That statement says basically nothing about the DS Lite's production status. Nintendo doesn't really have to, either; most consumers who want a DS Lite probably have one or have moved onto 3DS. It's not likely retailers are going to sell out anytime soon, and in any case, by the time they do, 3DS will be cemented.

At the moment, DS Lite units are still readily available in all colors at GameStop, Amazon, etc.    
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