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Amazon Acquires Killer Instinct Developer Double Helix

Suddenly, rumors about Amazon getting into games became very real.

It's OK. Take a deep breath. That headline isn't a joke. Amazon--yes, the online retailer--has purchased Killer Instinct and Strider reboot developer Double Helix.

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The news originally broke on TechCrunch last night, but Amazon and Double Helix have since confirmed the news.

While it's currently unclear what Amazon's intentions are for Double Helix, it's not hard to start piecing it together. The company has quickly moved into content creation the last few years, as evidenced by Amazon Studios. Long standing rumors have suggested the company plans to enter the gaming market with an Android-based console, and purchasing Double Helix sure makes those plans sound serious.

As for the future of Killer Instinct, Microsoft told Polygon it's already lined up another developer. The company did not name the studio taking over for Double Helix, however.

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