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An International 4 Stream For People Like Me

I barely understand DOTA 2, which is why I'm glad commenting for newcomers exists.

The International 4, the world's largest annual DOTA 2 tournament, kicked off today. The main event portion doesn't happen until later this month in Seattle, though. Right now, the playoffs are underway.

You might be like me and feel a little left out, having little to no experience with DOTA 2. When a bunch of your friends are really into something, you want to be into that thing, too. It's natural. Even if, yes, it's a MOBA.

Fortunately, there's a video stream that I've been pulling up every few hours that's really worth recommending. It's International 4 commentary aimed directly at DOTA 2 newcomers. DOTA 2 lingo is still all over the place, but they do a good job of contextualizing what's happening, the benefits of certain heroes, etc. It's great.

This might not get me into DOTA 2, but at least it makes the madness a little more understandable.

If you need another reason to care, the prize pool for The International 4 is more than $10,000,000. Good lord.

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