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Army of Two Getting a 'Mature, Gritty' Reboot for Some Reason

The Devil's Cartel will still feature cooperative dude merc-ing, this time amid the drug wars of Mexico.

Game Informer's upcoming cover image. Yep, that looks about right for an Army of Two game.
Game Informer's upcoming cover image. Yep, that looks about right for an Army of Two game.

Oh Army of Two. Has there been a franchise in recent memory more incapable of making good on its potential than this one? The first game, while not a disaster, never quite managed to pull off its attempts at irreverence amid cooperative mercenary combat. The second one...well, let's just pretend that game never happened. Now EA has announced a third Army of Two game, and it will be the "more intense, mature, and gritty" reboot of the series that I'm not sure anyone was actually asking for.

The game, titled The Devil's Cartel, is in development at Visceral Games' Montreal studio, and will employ DICE's Frostbite 2 engine. It stars Alpha and Bravo, two mercenaries under the employ of Tactical Worldwide Operations who find themselves in the middle of Mexico's unfortunate war between drug cartels. This may rightfully give you some really bad flashbacks to the painfully unpleasant tone of Call of Juarez: The Cartel, but according to the press release, as well as this cover teaser posted on Game Informer's website, The Devil's Cartel will attempt to take its setting a good bit more seriously than its predecessors did.

My question is, does anyone want that? I always wanted to enjoy the Army of Two games, but my problem with them wasn't that they weren't gritty or serious enough. My problem was that save for a few moments of legitimately creative levity, most of the series' limp attempts at comedy fell flat. This one seems like it's targeting those who were more focused on the co-op shooting than the story, so maybe this'll work just fine for them. I can't say I would be terribly excited for a jocular take on the Mexican drug wars, anyway. Fist bumping over the bodies of innocent victims of drug violence just feels, I don't know, slightly inappropriate.

You tell me. Does the idea of a more serious business Army of Two sound like something you'd want to play?

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