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Backwards Dragons, Broken Resistances in Skyrim Patch

You may want to wait a little bit longer, if you've been holding off.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s version 1.2 patch is not the savior we have been looking for. Cue the sound of a sad violin.

Bethesda Game Studios issuing patches for its games that end up fixing some things while also conveniently breaking others is not a new occurrence, but what’s being broken with version 1.2 may encourage you to hold off a bit.

I’m not going to hold dragons flying backwards against the game--that sounds (and looks!) awesome.

The real problem is for players who invested into magic resistance for their character, as the patch appears to make all of those now null and void. These even applies to NPCs with innate magical attributes.

The low-resolution texture issue affecting the Xbox 360 version when installed appears to be inconsistently fixed, too.

There’s a message board thread keeping tabs on the reported issues, but Bethesda has not issued an official statement on the matter. When that inevitably changes, I’ll update this story with the company's comments. Report your own issues below.

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