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Barrels Get No Mercy In Bodycount's E3 Trailer

You spoiled everything for me, Mythbusters.

There's been three times in my life that I've wished I played Stuart Black's arcade shooter Black. This is one of them. The E3 2010 trailer for the designer's upcoming shooter Bodycount is now available on the tubes, and I've got nothing to point out that isn't apparent in the pre-alpha footage. It's a dilemma. 

 Hey, Shadowrun just called. It says it wants the tattoos back.
 Hey, Shadowrun just called. It says it wants the tattoos back.
== TEASER == Well, nothing to add other than the fact that Lady Gaga has inadvertently influenced the game. No, for real. Back in April, Black chatted with The Guardian and talked about Gaga at length, revealing that her attitude somehow speaks to the stoic, chin-up attitude of the protagonist in Bodycount:

She [Gaga] talks a lot about living in the apocalypse. The apocalypse is happening. We're in it, so the only thing left to do is party [and] have a good time--positive upwards, forward-thinking. So this guy [in Bodycount] is in a crazy, desperate situation out of his control, but he's not going to get down about it, he deals with it, he keeps his head up [and] he pushes forward--that's the kind of action we [Codemasters] want to have.

That's what we're saying to our players--when they're feeling a little bit down, a little bit harassed by all the pressure, slap this game one and blow some fuckers away; you'll feel better. You'll get an uplift--and that's ultimately what we want to do.

This is the E3 footage I was referring to earlier. I'm not seeing the Gaga, but I'm definitely seeing the game's combo and Killzone 2-style cover systems. Man, it's been awhile since I've leaned in a shooter.
You know, I usually just put on Huey Lewis and the News and pump at the gym whenever I start feeling down, but I think popping in Bodycount might be less awkward. I'll have to test it out.