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Batman: Arkham Asylum Gets GOTY Edition

And now it's coming to North America. In 3D.

I'm Batman. 
I'm Batman. 
It's been kicked around a bit as a foreign release for Europe, Australia, and Asia, but Eidos and Warner Bros. have confirmed a North American release for an updated version of Rocksteady's hell-of-rad Batman game, Arkham Asylum.

Content-wise, this new "Game of the Year" release will toss four maps that were previously released as downloads onto the disc. It'll also include support for TriOviz 3D, which is a glasses-only display mode that doesn't require you to own some crazy fancy 3D TV. 3D glasses will be included with the package.

While Europe and Australasia will get this new release on March 26, those of us in North America will be left hanging until May 11. The GOTY version of the game is scheduled to be released on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Also, I believe this may have a fresh set of achievements, which could add something like two more sets to the achievement list. Considering there are already three discreet points-containing versions of the game, that leaves Batman-loving points fiends with a lot more points potential.

But only crazy people would play Batman to completion five times, right?    
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