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Battlefield 3 Trailer Hits, First Details Come In

Jets, going prone, and 64 players? Yeah, I'm down.

The first meaningful details pertaining to Battlefield 3 went online this morning as part of a rollout leading up to a Game Informer magazine full reveal. Jets and prone, 64-player competitive multiplayer, and a Fall release date for all three versions of the title have now been confirmed via various sources, including digital Game Informer, the game’s official Web site, and even the BF Blog.  
Also, there’s a new trailer out there. Check it:

Not too much to glean at from this teaser, but obviously Battlefield 3 will focus on urban warfare and its trappings -- tanks, RPGs, attack helicopters, and urban sprawl. Also, take note of the heavy distortion on the BF theme song. Sounds like the beginning of the mashy, bile-spitting kind of stuff that makes for the best and nastiest war movies. 

There’s not a lot more to go on here. As I mentioned, Game Informer has the scoop, and as a GI digital blog post promises, we’ll learn a lot more about the game’s single-player campaign and its multiplayer when the magazine hits. Anyone else excited?