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Battlefield: Bad Company Will be a TV Series, Maybe

Fox and Happy Madison are working with EA to produce an hour-long action comedy based on the franchise. Yay?

Like this, but with more fart jokes, and Rob Schneider. Probably.
Like this, but with more fart jokes, and Rob Schneider. Probably.

Bucking the trend of developing film adaptations of video games that will likely never come to fruition, EA has decided to partner with Fox and production company Happy Madison to develop a TV adaptation of a video game that will likely never come to fruition. In this case, it's the publisher's Battlefield: Bad Company franchise that's getting the live action treatment, albeit with sights set on the small screen.

Based on the description from Deadline's story on the subject, the series is being envisioned as a sort of modern A-Team, with a quartet of soldiers moving to the private sector, only to find themselves betrayed by their former commanding officer. Given the game's propensity for humorous explosions and off-color banter, one can surmise that this will not be played particularly straight.

Writer/producer John Eisendrath (Alias, Felicity) is heading up the project, along with Happy Madison's Doug Robinson, who has most recently served as executive producer of the enduring, if generally execrable David Spade sitcom Rules of Engagement.

Considering that most video game development deals like this have a tendency to fall apart, one cannot get too excited at this prospect--assuming one could get excited about a TV series based on an offshoot first-person shooter franchise developed by Adam Sandler's production company in the first place.

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