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Beyond Good & Evil 2 Won't Be Out For A While

Michel Ancel says to have patience.

Despite its conspicuous absence at Ubisoft's E3 2010 media briefingBeyond Good & Evil 2 is still in development. But the forthcoming follow-up might be more than a couple of years in coming.

Creator Michel Ancel recently spoke about the successor to the critical darling at a Montpellier games conference, telling the attendants that the game will be a long time out as a result of its unconventional development process. 

Ancel has a small team on BG&E2, purposefully, in an attempt to keep the game from becoming a "commercial product," and to use it as a flagship for new set of 3D dev tools similar to the 2D ones being used by a five-man team on Rayman Origins. Speaking to the former point: "On this game, we're keeping the team small," Ancel said in French, according to a translation provided via Eurogamer, "to preserve creativity and so the game doesn't become a commercial product; so that it has a soul."

 This pig has a soul, right?
 This pig has a soul, right?
== TEASER =="It takes a bit longer," Ancel continued, "but we're very keen to use this system with this game, because it's an ambitious game and we want to create something exceptional."

Earlier in the talk, Ancel apologized, stating that the game "will take time," and urging those who still care to "please have patience." Fair enough, sir.

But how long is "longer?" Within the next five years, at least, you'll get a sequel to the game--provided Ubisoft remains interested in the tech and in the follow-up, which was announced in 2008. "[Beyond Good & Evil 2] hasn't been abandoned," Ancel re-confirmed during the talk. "it's an ongoing project, and we hope to do it in this way using these tools, that's to say making a 3D game with very few people."