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BF Bad Company 2 Out March 2, Dante's Inferno Feb. 9

That's 2010, in case you lost track.

News continues to trickle out of GamesCom in Germany, with EA dropping a pair of release dates this morning for Dante's Inferno and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Though, if you read the headline, you already know what they are: February 9 and March 2. Those are North American dates; you're looking at Feb. 12 and March 5 in Europe.

Both of these games, it should be noted, belong to the less populated category, "games that were always scheduled to come out in 2010" and not the suddenly very crowded group, "games that were supposed to ship in '09 but got pushed into what is looking like a really, really busy 2010 all of a sudden."

To commemorate the announcement, DICE dropped a new Bad Company 2 trailer and some screenshots. And I suggest you look at them.


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