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Big Fat Rumor: X360 "Experience" Live Dashboard Event Sept. 25

Some crazy tales are swirling about a gala Xbox 360 "relaunch" at the end of the month. Is it all a bunch of hogwash?

I'm more interested in knowing who will be in attendance.
I'm more interested in knowing who will be in attendance.
Please engage your "This could be total bullshit" mechanism.

This thread (via Joystiq) details a crazy Microsoft plan to turn the upcoming Xbox 360 "Experience" dashboard update into a full-on event, with multi-hour live televised coverage, a heap of major announcements, even more undisclosed dashboard features, and some tantalizing freebies. Note, this wild-rumor-from-a-forum-I've-never-heard of is completely unsubstantiated, attributing the information to, basically, some dude. Yeah, whatever! Here's all the deets, with snazzy bullet points.

  • Five-hour live coverage on G4 starting at 7pm Eastern, 9/25, with streaming video of the event on the 360
  • Sirius Radio integration into the dashboard (which you can subscribe to with Microsoft points)
  • New music store a la iTunes, similar to the existing Video Marketplace
  • A new "mad lib" channel the rumormongering author seems to think is related to a "picture in picture" feature
  • A dozen new game demos
  • Downloadable previews of the GTA IV DLC and a new Mass Effect expansion. Also a new, free Halo 3 map pack
  • Six free Xbox Originals for Gold-tier members -- three new games, one Halo
  • A dozen newly announced retail games with weird code names like Apricot, Dramatis, Kyoto, Gargoyle, and Conker (OK, that last one's probably not a code name). The author speculates these will include new Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect games, a new Rare shooter, and two new Halo games.

Then at the end of all this, the new Experience dashboard update will go live at midnight, when you'll also get access to this whopping pile of new content and features. It all sounds way too good to be true, to me, especially since the original source presents absolutely no credible evidence it's even remotely legitimate. But hey, what would life be without the crushing disappointment that follows this sort of misplaced excitement?

I ran the rumor by Microsoft representatives, who gave a response. Are you ready for this? "Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation." Shocking, truly. What do you think? Are you clearing your dance card on the 25th?

UPDATE: At least one piece of this puzzle does not fit. Kotaku has comment from G4 stating the network doesn't have "anything planned" with Microsoft resembling this event. Doesn't mean nothing is happening, but at least that particular network doesn't seem to be covering it, which makes the whole thing even harder to believe. Tonight I was going to fall asleep with the sound of "achievement unlocked" ringing in my ears. Now the only sound will be the patter of my tears on the pillow.
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