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Bill Music Has Released a Molyjam Album

15 songs crafted for 48-hour games, including some that didn't make it.

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Ah, Bill Music.

You sorta had to be part of the several hundred people who stuck around the Molyjam San Francisco live stream to fully grasp that joke, but you don’t in order to appreciate his wonderful craft.

Bill Music, aka part-time composer Bill Kiley, wrote 15 songs for the Molyjam, though not all of them found their way into games.

He has, however, compiled them into an album appropriately called “Time, Love, & Tender-N.E.S.”

“Some were for games that didn't quite make it, but had hearts of gold nonetheless,” wrote Kiley.

You don’t have to pay a dime for the album, but Bandcamp has options for that, if you’d like.

Even if chiptunes isn't normally your thing, give 'em a listen.

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