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BioWare Teases Mass Effect 2 "Arrival" DLC With Screens

It hasn't been announced yet, but now the rumor is being embraced.

It’s hard to tell if BioWare actually wanted details of its final bit of Mass Effect 2 DLC to get out before the studio announced it, but it’s plain that the studio is embracing the “leak.” On Monday, a screenshot of the content, dubbed “Arrival,” appeared on the game’s official Facebook page. A second image has since been shared with the promise of a third to hit this afternoon if it secures 750,000 impressions. Neither image reveals too much, but I’d imagine those numbers on the latter says something meaningful to someone:  

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The word on the street is that Arrival has something to do with Shepard answering a distress call during an Alliance and Batarian Hegemony conflict nestled somewhere in the Viper Nebula. Previous entries on the Cerberus Daily News seemingly back this setting up. 

Rumor of Arrival and its content arose from the PS3 version of ME2. Once patched, the game teased the content with three mysterious Arrival trophies. The PC version’s “Alternate Appearance Pack 2” DLC also has some details packed within its TLK files. Destructoid has an awesome post with all the contents of the files, but be warned, there are spoilers inside the various dialogue snippets and codex stuff within.

Since there’s no word on Arrival’s actual existence, I’ve no release date for you. But, if you remember, Cerberus Daily News will end its hiatus for a total of five weeks in 2011, one week of which will “precede a downloadable content” release. If you keep staring at that computer monitor on the game’s main screen, all day, every day, you may just get a heads up before too long.