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Blizzard Announces Brand-New Game: Overwatch

It's been a long time since we've been able to say Blizzard's building a new universe.

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From the ashes of Titan comes Overwatch, a brand-new game and universe from Blizzard Entertainment. The newest addition to the Blizzard family was announced at today's BlizzCon opening ceremony.

Overwatch is at co-op team-based multiplayer shooter that certainly seems to have taken cues from Team Fortress 2.

You have to admire how Blizzard revealed the game, too. It teased a new announcement, showed a lengthy (and beautiful) CG trailer, followed it with a gameplay trailer, mentioned an upcoming beta, and revealed everyone in attending could play the game.

That's how you reveal a video game.

Though Blizzard hasn't dropped a high-res version of the trailer yet, some people captured the stream:

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